Dear Republicans, Democrats aren't going to go away. Dear Democrats, Republicans aren't going anywhere. It sucks that Obama hasn't really kept many of his 2008 campaign promises, and likely won't, and it sucks that Romney is pretty much unelectable. It sucks that there is a recession, and it sucks that people from Mexico keep sneaking into the U.S.  It all sucks.

          But what really sucks is the fact that the war, the recession, the election, and a thousand other things has divided the people of the country. Brother against brother, husband against wife, neighbor against neighbor. People have died, for fucks sake, because Obama got reelected. Died. Dead. Dude got run over by his wife, for not voting. The civil war is on, folks. It's happening, right now, on your street, in your town, on your fucking facebook. Rather than put the election behind you, so many of you are taking out your frustrations on one another. Rather than trying to work to make your community better, you are taking potshots at one another.

           We are all human fucking beings. Democrats are no better or worse than Republicans, and if your team lost, then too bad so sad, better luck next time. Go feed a homeless guy. Go take a bottle of wine to the new neighbor, despite his stupid campaign sign.

            If you are going to let this shit pull you apart from your friends or family, rather than draw you closer, then what do you think that says about you? What message are you sending? 'Goddammit,if you and I don't share the same concerns about foreign policy and gun control, then we just can't be friends!' Really? Does it really not occur to some people that there are other things in the world besides politics? How about movies? Sunsets? Art? Food? Things that bring people together, rather than drive them apart? Fun fact: people in 30 states actually petitioned the Federal Government, demanding that their states secede from the United States of America. Because Obama won! That is INSANE!

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